Commercial Zone

A hub of convergence with Convenience stores, Shopping outlets, Retail establishments, Banks, ATM’s, Food Joints for refreshments – all within the Infocity.

Infocity commercial zone realms with an advantage of ideal location for its residents and people of the surrounding area. The location provides easy access to shopping, entertainment, leisure, banking, offices, schools and other business establishments.

Infocity commercial zone welcomes the community and is the host to a diverse range of amenities in order to create a convenient lifestyles to the occupants of Technology Park. First of its kind, in the city of Gandhinagar, Infocity metropolis commercial zone has Soft Tower 1 and Soft Tower 2 that accommodates over 150 establishments including retail outlets, food joints, coffee shops, convenience stores, banks, saloons, mobile stores, and pharmacy shops. Undoubtedly, Infocity commercial zone is one of the top destinations and fastest growing place for the retail establishment to open up their retail centers. The spacious infrastructure eliminates the parking woes. It is a perfect venue for social gatherings and spending quality time with colleagues, family and friends.

Commercial Zone in Gujarat

We have no space to let in commercial zone.