Corporate Center

Grow without any constraints. Both large or small, viable and flexible office spaces options available on lease or contract for your business.

Infocity Corporate center has four fully operational business towers with an assortment of working spaces based on the client requirements. The business towers offer different options that helps you create and customize a work space in line with your business goals. Infocity accepts and accommodates various working space requests with existing available options through its fully furnished offices. Based on your specific requirements, you can also have an option of build to suit. Whether you are a startup company, an emerging company, or a large company, Infocity can accommodate your working space needs at any business stage.

Infocity is currently leasing space from 2500 square feet onwards at an affordable price. There are variety of on-site amenities and services available to ensure convenience for your employees.

IT outsourcing hub in Gujarat

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Info Tower 1

Ground Floor/01BAs It Is2100
Ground Floor/02As It Is1750
Ground Floor/04As It Is1695
Ground Floor/06As It Is1764
Ground Floor/07As It Is1580
Ground Floor/08As It Is1750
Ground Floor/14As It Is2202
Ground Floor/15As It Is1665

Info Tower 2

FloorVacant TypeArea(sq.ft)
Ground Floor/03As It Is3689

Info Tower 3

FloorVacant TypeArea(sq.ft)
Ground Floor/2AAs It Is1850
Ground Floor/Hall-2As It Is11825
Second FloorAs It Is30000
Third FloorAs It Is30000
Fourth FloorAs It Is30000

Info Tower 4

FloorVacant TypeArea(sq.ft)
Third FloorAs It Is15725