Residential Complex

Save travelling time and spend quality time with your friends and family by opting to stay at many available choices of residence at Infocity.

The concept of Infocity was to increase convenience and quality of life. Believing in work-life balance, the Infocity Residential complex is ideally situated in the same campus between the Corporate IT Towers and the Infocity Commercial zone. Infocity Residential complex includes 2 & 3 bedroom apartments and 3 & 4 bedroom independent bungalows with ample parking space. Infocity residential complex is a perfect place to live as it has easy access to shopping areas, restaurants, schools, club & resort, hospitals and the corporate IT Towers. The options Infocity residential offers you an exciting lifestyle with all amenities you would need within a 100 meter walking distance. The residential property is well maintained and secured for the families to lead a peaceful life.

Residential Units in Gujarat