5 Advantages of Setting up a Business at Infocity

Infocity is an Information Technology hub in India that is an ideal location for investment.

However, if you’re feeling a tad skeptical, feel free to consider the following reasons and have a change of heart:


Infocity is located in Gujarat; a secure and well-connected area that provides all the necessary infrastructure needed for businesses to grow and expand their reach.

Infocity has the advantage of being situated in a wonderful location. It has been strategically developed on a pristine area that spans well over 150 acres in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India; often called the Greenest Capital City in the world. The closest city to it is Ahmedabad; a well-developed city with proper connection. In terms of proximity to the most important cities in India, it is located between Mumbai- the country’s commercial capital and New Delhi- the administrative and national capital of the nation of India. This central location means that it is a wonderful business location as well as a perfect hub for innovation and economic activities of all sorts. Definitely, every business that sets up here will enjoy advantages such as proximity to major markets and access to state of the art infrastructure.

The abundance of resources and talent

Infocity will definitely benefit from the pool of resources from nearby cities such as Ahmedabad, Kalol, Mehsana, Gandhinagas, and others. Also, there is a proximity of educational institutions near Infocity, and the knowledge required to help businesses move forward is definitely abundant here.

The opportunity for business expansion and growth

Thanks to the strategic location of Infocity, setting up a business here will mean that you are making a strategic move to ensure ad fast track the growth of our business. The location, as stated earlier, is central; this means that you will be able to get access to a large market, and this will boost your sales and increase your earning potential by a large margin.

Businesses will also have access to available office spaces that are customizable to their scale of operation and method of working. Scalability and expansion facilities are also available anytime.

The presence of other investments

Without a doubt, word about a place like Infocity has spread far and wide. This means that a wide array of businesses are being set up there already. By joining in on this trend, you are also setting your business up to reap some of the external economies of scale that will be established in such a strategic area… and you can rest assured that here, the economies of scale that your company stands to gain are pretty extensive.

Technology’s historical profitability

Infocity is a budding technological hub that is awash with opportunities. However, while a lot of people might be skeptical about setting up businesses here, it is also worth pointing out the fact that historically, technological ventures have been known to do pretty well. As long as you have the proper business setup, the business atmosphere at Infocity is very enabling and you can rest assured that it will be able to serve you as well.

The growth potential of Infocity

It is also worth pointing out that Infocity itself is expected to reach some serious levels of growth in the coming ears. To wit, setting up a business here will mean that you are putting yourself in a position to directly benefit from this projected growth as well.