How does Infocity Encompass Wellness and Lifestyle at One Place?

The urge for wellness is all over the corporate world nowadays. There are health professionals across the globe who warns about it, employers talk about it, and workers worry about it.

The sudden topicality of this subject is not without a good cause, of course. It has been recorded over the time that the costs to business of ill-health and stress, specifically in the form of absenteeism and low productivity, are enormous. Recent research has revealed that one in every ten hours of working time is lost to unplanned time off.

Hence, to nullify these negative impacts, the foremost demand in a modern workplace is a wellness driven environment for employees. And Infocity, the best conceptualized IT Park in India, has enticed various reputed IT/ITes companies because of this advantage as one of the most integral ones.

If you work at any of the companies located in Infocity, you will be able to maintain the right balance between wellness and lifestyle. Infocity is not just an IT Park; it is an IT Metropolis where you can work, live, and play within the same campus.

Here’s how Infocity offers you exposure to better living:

1) Get Big Brands Nearby

If you work at any of the four high-end, massive towers of Infocity, it will not only help you to work in an excellent infrastructure but also give you enough scope to shop and relax. Within the campus of Infocity, the stores of various renowned fashion brands like Woodland, Arrow, etc. are located in the commercial complex. These places can let you meet your shopping needs within just a few meters from your workplace.

Isn’t it amazing?

2) Dine and Enjoy in Your Favorite Restaurant

The IT Metropolis of Gujarat is one such corporate hub where you can experience the cosmopolitan culture. When it comes to hanging out and dining with your friends or colleagues, Infocity has enough places.

There are several well-known cafes, restaurants, and eateries like Subway, Café Coffee Day, Chocolate Room, Mocha Café, etc., present within the Infocity campus where you get a variety of fast foods, sweets, instant foods, etc. Hence, you can hang out with your colleagues after work and relax in the Infocity campus. Finally, it will ensure your wellbeing.

3) Shop in the Commercial Complex

Infocity has a separate commercial complex within the campus where you can find several stores with a diverse range of amenities that create a convenient lifestyle for the occupants of Infocity and the professionals who work in the IT Park.

With many retail outlets, food joints, coffee shops, convenience stores, banks, salons, and mobile stores, the Infocity commercial complex is one buzzing place where you can spend a great time.

4) Live in the Lavish Infocity Residential Complex

Infocity, the best conceptualized IT Park in India, doesn’t only allow you to work and relax. Instead, it also has a luxurious residential complex with 2 and 3 bedrooms apartments with ample amount of parking space. The apartments are located in the lap of nature. If you decide to live in Infocity apartments, you will have a pollution-free environment to live healthily.

Hence, Infocity has enhanced the lifestyle of the professionals working in the IT Park. Also, if you prefer to live in the Infocity residential complex, you can walk to your work within minutes. Thus, you don’t have to experience a stressful travel to your workplace daily. It can enhance your overall wellbeing incredibly.

5) Unwind in the Lush Greenery

Infocity has a green campus with lush greenery. You can walk down the roads of Infocity with a cup of coffee during your work break, and the soothing ambiance will help you calm down your mind. It will add a great advantage to your overall wellbeing.

6) Play and Relax in the Infocity Campus

Infocity Club & Resort is one of the significant parts of the IT Park that has Gujarat’s grandest ever space for organizing events with splendid lawns of 11 acres, with each one of them having a capacity of hosting 500-5000people. There are several intriguing events being conducted in the Infocity Club & Resort throughout the year. Whether it is musical nights, Bumper Housie, or DJ nights, Infocity hosts all!

Thus, while living and working at Infocity, you can host parties, play, or spend excellent leisure in the Infocity club and resort. Also, Infocity has a tennis court, playgrounds for different sports like football, volleyball, cricket, etc. and a swimming pool too. Hence, it’s easy to enjoy with your friends in the most prominent IT Park of Gujarat and ensure an active and lively lifestyle as well.

7) Keep Up Your Health Easily

Infocity, the IT Metropolis of Gujarat, ensures the people associated with it lead a healthy life. When you live at Infocity, you don’t have to walk for miles to ensure good health. There is a healthcare clinic located within the Infocity campus itself where you can end up for any health issue quickly. You don’t have to move out of the Infocity to see a doctor. It seems to be of substantial importance for the people who live and work in the IT Park. Moreover, Infocity also has a gym located within the campus. You can walk in there whenever you want, exercise, and keep yourself fit and fine.

These exciting aspects make Infocity a great place to live and work.

Don’t wait anymore!

Be a part of Infocity and live a healthy life.