Infocity: The Safe and Secure Workplace for One and All

Workplace Safety- There is more to this word than one can think.

Workplace safety is one such crucial element that no professional can ever ignore. A safe and secure workplace is a significant necessity for everyone. Safety is a critical factor for all the industries to promote wellness for both employees and employers.

Infocity, the best conceptualized IT Park in India, understands the gravity of this fact and ensures that there is a 24×7 efficient security system making the campus protected for all the corporate professionals who walk in daily for their work. Hence, the companies that are located in this IT Metropolis make the safest workplaces in Gujarat with the most secure work environment.

Here’s how Infocity proves to be a guarded place to work for everyone:

Constant Electronic Surveillance

The management of Infocity ensures that the entire campus is continuously under strict electronic surveillance. There are CCTV cameras installed throughout the Infocity. It acts as a significant advantage for the professionals to work in any of the IT/ITes companies located in the IT Park.

24×7 electronic surveillance is one such smart feature that makes Infocity the best IT Park in Gujarat. There is a dedicated, skilled team working in this IT metropolis with intelligent security and tracking technologies as well as equipment that ensures to provide the best safety to the professionals.

Guarded Entryway

The main entryway of Infocity is a 24×7 security guard operated one that is handled by a professional security agency. Also, all other entry and exit points present in the Infocity campus that is spread across 150 acres of land are protected by the professional security agents from the same agency. Hence, you can be confident about your safety while you communicate in and out of your workplace at the Infocity.

At this IT Park, all the additional entry and exit points except the main entry cum exit gate are closed after 11 PM. Hence, it restricts the possibility of any suspicious entry within the campus during night.

On-Campus Police Station

The management of Infocity believes that the safety and security of the people who work in the IT campus is one of the most important factors to be taken care of. Hence, the IT Park has a police station located at the Infocity Super Mall.

The police station is situated right in between the Soft Tower 1 and Soft Tower 2. The Infocity police station is a vital addition to the comprehensive security of the IT Park.

Bouncers Guarded Campus

Infocity has multiple bouncers placed at different locations of the campus. They help in restricting any anti-social activity to happen within the campus. Hence, whether you are visiting any part of the Infocity for work, it is ensured that you will be safe and secured within the campus.

Strictly Monitored IT Park

Infocity Maintenance Team has defined strict monitoring rules and regulations that are followed diligently. It ensures that the safety of the IT Park is never ignored for any reason. The effective monitoring rules curb any unwanted incident to happen in this IT Metropolis where people can work 24×7 without any fear.

Prominent Location

Infocity Township that includes the massive IT towers, a substantial residential complex, a buzzing commercial complex, and a club & resort is well connected to the main streets of Gandhinagar that have a constant movement of traffic. Hence, when you are working in the Infocity, you can be assured that you have not ended up into any secluded campus. This advantage almost nullifies the occurrence of any anti-social incident within the IT Park.

Summing Up

Apart from all the above security benefits, Infocity also takes every possible measure to ensure women safety. Hence, it can be genuinely said that Infocity is one of the safest places in Gujarat where you can work at any time of the day without getting worried about your safety.

What are you waiting for?

If you are looking for a safe place to work, Infocity is your ultimate destination!