Work, Rest and Play at Infocity without Walking an Extra Mile

Work-life balance

Aren’t we all conscious about it nowadays?

It is one of the most significant aspects of a healthy work environment. With the right work-life balance, you can help reduce stress and prevent burnout in the workplace. However, if it is missing, the most common consequence that happens is chronic stress. It’s one of the most common health issues in modern workplaces. It leads to physical ailments like digestive problems, chronic aches and pains, and heart problems.

Being stressed can also negatively impact people’s mental health because it’s linked to a higher risk of depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc. Many experts believe that while the millennial generation of workforce is projected to take up 75% of the workforce by 2025, it’s time to redefine what work-life balance looks like.

Infocity, the best conceptualized IT Park in India, has embraced the concept of work-life balance since the time the IT Metropolis came into existence. With enough scope to work, rest, and play, Infocity has all the amenities and facilities to make the lives of professionals working in the IT Park convenient.

Let’s check out how Infocity provides the best of work-life balance in Gujarat:

Excellent IT Towers to Work

Global architects have built the four massive IT towers that Infocity has, and all of these are driven by an extensive range of technology, information, and data. With furnished infrastructure and several 24×7 service providers like electricity backup, water supply, gas, etc., the IT towers of Infocity make the smart places to work in Gujarat. It’s one of the significant reasons why several renowned IT/ITes companies have chosen Infocity as their workplace.

Moreover, the corporate infrastructure of Infocity doesn’t just comprise of appealing buildings; all the four IT towers also boast high-speed IT connectivity with a fiber network that altogether ensures a perfect place to work. Hence, Infocity makes the best corporate environment for today’s professionals.

Lush Greenery to Unwind

Infocity is not just an IT Park; it’s an IT Metropolis where you can not only work conveniently but also relax in the lap of nature. The vast campus of Infocity that is spread across 150 acres of land is surrounded by lush greenery, which brings in a soothing ambiance in the IT Park. After the 9-to-5 grind at work, there is always a scope for you to walk by the spacious roadways of Infocity that are encompassed with beautiful nature. Hence, you can comfortably relax your body and mind while working at Infocity.

Restaurants and Eateries to Dine

Infocity has multiple restaurants and cafes within the campus where you can end up with your friends and colleagues after your work and have a good time. This is yet another significant addition to the cosmopolitan culture that this best IT Park in Gujarat has. The management team of Infocity has always strived to go an extra mile and make Infocity a perfect place where professionals can not only work but also have a comfortable ambiance to relax. And everyone’s favorite eatery brands like Subway, Café Coffee Day, Mocha Café, Gwalia, Dangee Dums, Havmor, Chocolate Room, etc. located within the Infocity campus prove this well!

A Commercial Complex to Shop

Yes! You have the perfect place to shop nearby if you work at Infocity. The Infocity commercial zone is an ideal location to spend some great time where you have access to entertainment, shopping, leisure, banking, offices, schools, and other business establishments. This part of the Infocity has a diverse range of amenities that creates a convenient lifestyle for the occupants of IT Metropolis.

The Soft Tower 1 and Soft Tower 2 of Infocity are together known as the commercial zone. It accommodates more than 150 establishments, including convenience stores, food joints, banks, salons, mobile stores, etc. with extensive parking. The commercial zone of Infocity serves as a perfect venue for social gatherings, and you also have enough places to hang out with colleagues, friends, and family.

Perfect Places to Enjoy & Play

The team Infocity understands how important it is for today’s professionals to unwind amid their busy schedules. Hence, it has all the facilities to make their lives happy and playful. Infocity has playgrounds available for football, volleyball, and cricket. The companies located within the campus often organize corporate tournaments and competitions in these playgrounds to keep the employees engaged. Hence, Infocity offers you an opportunity to play and work at the same place.

Moreover, Infocity also has a club and resort that boasts Gujarat’s grandest ever space for organizing events. The 11 acres of land can host 500-5,000 people. Also, the club has facilities and amenities available for various indoor games. The Infocity club provides you to enjoy a complete package of entertainment and luxury within one campus. Hence, if you are working at Infocity, you will get a chance to thrive in a lively environment.

Spacious Housing Complex to Live

At Infocity, you can not only work but also live comfortably. There is a lavish residential complex located with 2 & 3 bedrooms apartments and 3 & 4 independent bungalows with ample parking space. The Infocity residential complex is situated right in between the corporate towers and commercial complex. Hence, it helps the residents save the commuting time to their work. It also has easy access to shopping areas, restaurants, club & resort, and hospital. While you live in the Infocity residential complex, you can enjoy an exciting lifestyle with all the amenities present within just 100 meters of walking distance.

In a Nutshell

Infocity, the best conceptualized IT Park in India, is the rightmost hub to work, live, and play.

Isn’t it?

If you have not explored the convenient diversities of Infocity, book a visit now and enjoy a tour throughout this extensively smart campus.