Treat Your Taste Buds at Infocity’s Flavorsome Restaurants

Infocity has been awarded right as ‘The Best Conceptualized IT Park in India.’


Well, the most prominent IT Park in Gujarat is not just the best corporate hub for today’s professionals to work; it is the right place to work, live, and play. With a full-fledged commercial zone, spacious residential complex, lush greenery, and a lively club & resort, Infocity is a real IT Metropolis. Team Infocity understands the gravity of one of the most crucial modern-day aspects – work-life balance. Hence, the 150 acres of this IT Park provides all the opportunities at one place to the professionals so that they can not only work efficiently but also have enough space to unwind amid of the 9-to-5 grind.

With an urge to offer a dynamic ambiance to everyone who works or live in the Infocity, it has allowed a significant number of different popular restaurants and food chains to be a part of the IT Metropolis. With these perfect places to taste some delicious delicacies anytime and hang-out with friends and colleagues, people who live in the Infocity and walk-in daily to their workplaces are delighted.

Let’s take a sneak-peek to the people’s favorite eateries and restaurants that Infocity has:

Who doesn’t know about Mocha?

It is the India’s first wholly indigenous and eclectic café chain that is not just popular for its menu but also for the varied experiences that it offers. Interestingly, Infocity has a spacious and beautiful Mocha café located in the Infocity club & resort that has remarkably expanded the café culture within the IT Park.

Charcoal Eats
Indeed, food doesn’t only satisfy people’s hunger, but it should have the potential to delight one’s palate and provide a feast for all the senses. The Charcoal Eats is one such brand that believes in this fact, and hence it offers a range of beautifully crafted delicious foods that are full of flavors. Whether you want to taste some sumptuous layered biryani or unique puff crust pizzas, visit Charcoal Eats located in the Super Mall at Infocity, and there you are!

Café Coffee Day
Yes! Your favorite coffee brand – Café Coffee Day (CCD) – is also located within the Infocity campus.

Who doesn’t like the aroma of a cup of a cappuccino or a latte from CCD?

It is no less than a true source of energy on a tired evening after a hectic day at work. If you are working at Infocity, this experience can be just a few meters away from you. Café Coffee Day is located right inside the Super Mall 2 of Infocity, where you can hop in with your friends and have a fun and relaxing time after your work.

Infocity has the famous Subway located in the Super Mall Annexe of the IT Metropolis, where you can visit whenever you want, experience their unique concept of build-your-own sandwiches and salads, and enjoy!

Being famous for its mouthwatering and wholesome options for sandwiches and burgers, Subway is one such food chain that we all know about. However, if you have a Subway located near your workplace where you can visit for an exciting luncheon and munch on your favorite burger, won’t it be fantastic?

Havemore Eatery
Infocity has Gujarat’s favorite ice cream parlor and restaurant- Havemore- located in the Super Mall 1 of the IT Park. With a product basket comprising of more than 160 varieties of Ice Cream flavors, ready to eat products, novelties, and authentic kulfis, a Havemore eatery can be your perfect destination to hang-out with your friends, eat together, and have a great time!

Sam’s Pizza
Are you a pizza lover?

Well, Infocity has your favorite food then! Super Mall 1, located in the commercial complex of Infocity, has an outlet of Sam’s Pizza.

This famous pizza brand is based on the ‘unlimited’ concept where you get a choice of an array of varied pizza types, soups, garlic crispies, and more than 20 types of fresh and healthy salads along with brownies and ice creams. And, if you live or work in Infocity, you get all these delicacies near you, anytime your taste-buds crave for them!

The Super Mall of Infocity has your favorite destination for sweets – Gwalia. With a wide range of delicious sweets, multi-cuisine restaurant food, snacks, and bakery products, Gwalia has impressed the food lovers of the western part of India since 1994.

In the Nutshell
Infocity, the IT Metropolis of Gujarat, doesn’t only offer ideal workplaces and residential facilities to people but also ensures to treat their taste-buds with great food. Apart from the above popular restaurants and food chains, Infocity has many other excellent places to eat out. The Vadilal Scoop Shop, Momoman, Jay Bhavani, Mr. and Mrs. Idly, The Chocolate Room, Monginis, The Bake House, Dangee Dums, Belgian Waffle, South Café, Shivas Café, Amul Parlor are to name a few!