A City Within A City – First I.T Metropolis in Gujarat

Infocity, located in the Capital City of Gujarat is distinguished from other settlements merely through its development, its functions and its special symbolic status. It is a larger hub that serves various aspects of life and its routine – be it working or be it living or be it amusement. It is valued by its occupancy, its infrastructure and its activities.

Infocity delivers something for everyone, only because, it is created for everyone. It caters to both the inhabitants and the habitue. It is built with the idea to enhance living and working whilst meeting other needs to lead a great lifestyle all at a single destination. Infocity is not just an I.T Park, but it is a home to many families, it is a workplace to many companies, it is a hub to many businesses and it is a destination to many visitors.

Offering “A City Within A City” concept, Infocity provides Mixed-Use Development to cater different need forms. The Premise has more than 60 IT/ITes Companies , at least 53 restaurants and cafes , 11 banking units including the first one touch branch of SBI.

By its nature, the Metropolis contributes to the Capital of Gujarat by being a repository of endless possibilities from being a location with homes, offices, fancy stores, restaurants, cafes and much more. Also realizing that demarcation of what is Public and what is Private is also a prime responsibility of Infocity. Public and Private settings cannot ooze into each other and hence there is a clear demarcation of both the spaces. Primarily, it measures out in three different zones – the I.T Zone, the Non I.T Zone and the Residential Zone.

The I.T Zone:

The I.T Zone at Infocity provides the best rate over other metro cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune or Ahmedabad, while offering all the advantages of an I.T Park or an integrated park.

The principal advantage of this location is connectivity and convenience. With that it promotes “Walk to Work” Culture. There are many employees in Infocity who live meters away and do not have to deal with any fuss of travelling. Although, for those who commute from nearby cities, public transportation is easily accessible from here connecting to S.G Highway, Airport Road and the Ring Road. The location is such that the major cities like Ahmedabad, Mehsana, Vadodara and other towns.

The I.T ZONE has the competency to facilitate direct employment to over 25000 employees providing the best infrastructure and resource pool in Gujarat. It promotes stress free work life without the hassles of covering far distances and being worried about traffic.

Notable companies like Tech Mahindra, ETech Global Services , Trellisoft Engineering Services , Odoo and many other companies are based here at Infocity.

The Non I.T Zone:

Infocity has various commercial complexes that includes shopping centers, restaurants, cafés, eateries, food joints, financial banks, insurance companies, educational institutes, fitness destinations, gift stores, book stores and recreational centers.

At Infocity, there are plenty options for food for both its visitors and the employees working in the premise. Café Coffee Day, Café Mocha, Havmor Eatery, Subway, Gwalia, Sankalp, Saffron, Tea Post, Qwiches and many other local restaurants and cafes are located here.

There are various fashion stores like Levi’s, United Colors of Benetton, Woodland and many other local fashion stores that offer a wide variety of clothing.

Top Coaching institutes like Bothra, Allen Career and Resonance have their centers at Infocity. INIFD – A fashion and interior design institute is also located here. Infocity Junior Science college, endorsed by Infocity is also a part of this location offering higher secondary education from 9th to 12th class.

Banks like ICICI, State bank of India, IDBI, Bank of India, Punjab Sind Bank, HDFC have their branches and ATMs located in here. Many insurance companies like LIC, ICICI and United India Insurance Limited also have their branches at Infocity.

There are various outlets for entertainment and recreational activities like gaming zones, bookstores and gift stores – Archie’s, Crossword etc. Pharmacies and clinics are also situated here.

Ideally, the Non I.T Zone provides a variance of options in any kind of service catering required. It makes time available by cutting the distance to travel other places in need of anything.

The employees working in I.T Zone avail all the facilities to suffice their needs within a few steps. This zone also encounters a footfall of more than thousands of citizens of Gandhinagar and other visitors each and every day. This promotes both the businesses and the public to cater to their purpose and efficiently sustain in Infocity.

The Residential Zone:

Infocity also has one of the best residential units in Gujarat like the studio apartments, flats and bungalows with premium facilities in the city of Gandhinagar.

Over 250 families reside in Infocity and more than 1000 employees and students reside in the studio apartments. The studio apartments are developed in accordance with the western concept of having one large spacious room with all the amenities and furniture. The residents have the advantage of saving the time to commute to distant places for their daily needs or for amusement purposes.

With this concept of “A City within A City”, Infocity has everything that one needs – be it work, live or play!