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Infocity’s initiative ‘Sow the Seeds of Our Nation’ Campaign

The 150 acres of lush green Infocity campus indicates the enthusiasm of its management and patrons to build a greener environment. This best conceptualized IT Park of India continually strives to ensure the mother earth is always clean and safe. On the occasion of a pre-celebration of the 73rd Independence Day of India, Infocity has taken a yet another commendable step to promote recycling of waste, spread greenery, and make its premises more soothing and fresh.

A unique plantain activity, named as ‘Sow the Seeds of Our Nation,’ was organized in the Infocity campus on 13th August 2019. All the companies located in the IT Park were invited to take part in this environment-friendly noble campaign. The organizations like Cybage, Infosense Global, Trellissoft, Tech Mahindra, Advantmed, Effective Teleservices etc., ardently participated in this activity along with Creative Infocity Limited.

Infocity was glad to have more than 150 participants on the event that planted over 500 saplings throughout the campus. And the cherry on the cake is that the Horticulture department of the IT Park has planted 6,000 saplings all over its campus in recent times. Infocity chose to organize this plantation activity during this season as it is the right time to sow seeds before the monsoons so that these can perfectly grow into green plants and trees, thus making a valuable contribution to the environment.

Interestingly, Infocity and its patrons didn’t just sow seeds on 13th August; the IT Metropolis has uniquely amalgamated the celebration of Independence Day with the concept of a cleaner environment. Everyone who participated in the event buried Indian national flags that are made from seed paper – the base paper is made from GB cotton waste fiber; and have basil and marigold seeds embedded in them. The burial of flags at Infocity was performed under the flags act, 2002. Keeping the gravity of Indian national flag intact, the flags were not buried as it is. Instead, those were soaked in water for two days and then planted in the soil with required manure.

Unfortunately, it is a common scenario to see flags on the roads and dustbins after the Independence Day celebration. This is not at all a dignified way to dispose of our national flag. It shows disrespect to both Mother India and Mother Nature, increasing the waste accumulation tremendously. However, with the above approach, Infocity showed the right path to the citizens of India so that they can save nature and show respect to the country at the same time.

Burying the biodegradable Indian national flags would reduce the plastic/paper garbage remarkably and help build a greener surrounding. It was an excellent initiative by Infocity taken towards a cleaner and greener India. The ‘Sow the Seeds of Our Nation’ campaign’ by the IT Park promoted recycling of waste, reducing waste, proper disposal of waste, and planting more trees.

About Infocity

Infocity, Gujarat’s IT Metropolis, is a hub of high-end office workspaces, commercial establishments including restaurants, shopping outlets, residential spaces and also a club dedicated to recreational activities. Located in one of the Greenest Capitals of India, Infocity is designed to encourage and facilitate synergistic relationships with like-minded IT and ITeS companies. Infocity offers world-class infrastructure that will easily adapt to meet your existing and future IT requirements.