Infocity IT Metropolis: The Place Where Today Meets Tomorrow

Who doesn’t know about the concept of ‘Smart City’ nowadays?

Smart City gives the understanding of an urban area that is organized and managed well with smart technologies, better processes, and efficient community services. The ‘Smart City’ mission by the Indian Government, urban renewal and retrofitting program, strives to develop 100 cities across the country, making them citizen-friendly and sustainable.

Infocity, Gandhinagar, encourages this concept and has made itself equipped with several smart and futuristic amenities that are equally crucial for today and the coming tomorrow both. Spread across vast 150 acres of land with numerous attractive facilities and outstanding infrastructure, Infocity is an IT Metropolis in real sense.

How does Infocity set an example for the ‘Today Meets Tomorrow’ concept?

  • Technology-Driven Attractive Infrastructure

    Infocity constantly endeavors to leverage technology, information, and data for improving its infrastructure and services. This includes access to water, electricity, affordable homes, corporate exposure, healthcare establishment, and IT connectivity.

    The entire infrastructure of Infocity can be considered as the right platform that provides the necessary growth and urban evolution to society. It’s not just about appealing buildings; Infocity has an infrastructure that boasts smart IT connectivity with a fiber network, has constant access to basic needs like water, electricity, etc., and altogether simplifies people’s lives.

    Built by global architects, the excellent infrastructure of Infocity is oriented to the progress of technological and creative issues, conducive to create new channels of social, cultural, and urban development. Infocity, Gandhinagar, has a balanced combination of physical, social, and economic infrastructure.

  • The ‘City inside City’ Concept

    As the name indicates, Infocity is a city itself. It is not just an IT Park, rather a perfect place where people can work, live, and play and unwind in the lap of nature too.

    Infocity has four furnished IT towers with ample parking space where several renowned IT/ITes companies are located, and thousands of people work there. To provide a great work-life balance, the IT Metropolis has a nearby spacious residential complex with apartments and bungalows. People can walk to work in just a few minutes and altogether avoid an everyday commuting hassle to the workplace.

    Moreover, within the campus of Infocity, you will find various restaurants, cafes, and eateries to hang out with friends and family, an equipped hospital and gymnasium, and a shopping complex. All these facilities are connected with well-maintained roadways for people’s ease.

    And the cherry on the cake is that Infocity has a club and resort too. It is Gujarat’s grandest ever space for organizing events with lush lawns of 11 acres; and each lawn can host 5, 00-5,000 people. Be it the residential complex or club and resort; you will find enough parking space that can accommodate hundreds of vehicles.

    What else do you want in a locality?

  • 24×7 Personalized Services

    Infocity, the best conceptualized IT Park in India, is a place where ease is always at people’s fingertips. The IT Metropolis is proud to consistently provide round the clock services as it has 20 service providers of different categories present in one place. Hence, the people who work and reside in this IT Metropolis have easy access to all the primary necessities. Be it electricity backup, water supply, or banks and ATMs and electronic surveillance, Infocity provides all the facilities without any hassle.

  • Great Location and Transit Facility

    Infocity is located in Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat, and it is nearby from all the major cities of the state like Ahmedabad, Mehsana, Kalol, etc. It is one of the most significant advantages of this IT Metropolis that makes it easily accessible to a considerable population. Also, as Infocity is located very near to several famous educational institutes like PDPU, NIFT, NICM, etc., it attracts the millennial workforce easily.

    Moreover, Infocity also has an excellent public transit network that connects to the domestic and international airport, railway station, SG Highway, and other nearby prominent destinations.

  • Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Environment

    The environment is suffering more and more with each passing day, and it causes severe health risks to the urban population. Infocity strives to reverse this scenario and focus on maintaining the ecological balance to help improve the inhaled oxygen that is usually contaminated. The entire campus of Infocity has been constructed lush green with huge, open lands that have vast and picturesque greenery.

    Whether it is the adjacent area to IT tower, Infocity club & resort, roadways, or the commercial zone, you can find a variety of trees making the environment green and beautiful. Also, Infocity makes sure to put maximum efforts and conserve the greenery at its best. This is how the best IT Metropolis of Gujarat is doing its part to stimulate a sustainable and environment-friendly place to work and live.

  • Highly Secured and Safe

    The modern society demands that citizens’ peace of mind has to go hand in hand with the new technologies and amenities. Infocity understands this fact and provides high-end 24×7 securities. It is one of the most secured places in Gujarat where you can work, live, or spend excellent leisure without any second thought.

    The 24×7 Access Control that is installed in the Infocity continuously monitors all the incoming and outgoing visitors. Further, there is a dedicated police station located within the Infocity campus to ensure the overall safety of people. Also, a professional security agency is responsible for guarding all the entry and exit points of the IT Metropolis.

Wrapping Up

Infocity, the best conceptualized IT Park in India, works with today’s necessities in mind and makes sure to walk a step ahead to understand and meet the advancements that tomorrow will bring.

The above smart facets of Infocity lead it to stand out and get ready to embrace the efficient future with open arms.