Press Release

Infocity organized a Self Defense training workshop for the female employees of various IT/ITes Companies

“May be it is a male dominated world, but you will always be judged by the way you treat women. So technically it’s our world.”

 -Sonal Bharija Singh

In today’s world, where we talk a lot about terrorism, isn’t harassment – be it physical or mental, a form of terrorism too?  From the time when women are little girls, they are asked to fear the bad men who might get them. Women are terrified of being raped, stalked, eve-teased, abused or even killed by the bad men, but the problem lies in not being able to tell apart the good from the bad and so the women got to wary of them all.

In this 21st century, women shouldn’t be told what to wear, where not to go, not to talk to any strangers or do anything that can harm them. A woman mustn’t be labelled, followed on an empty road, eve-teased on a bus, robbed on the way home and tormented under anyone’s authority, disturbed under male ego or harassed by ruthless dimwits. Instead, women must learn self defense, carry pepper spray and fight back to this form of ingrained terrorism since childhood.

Infocity , decided to celebrate the power of women by encouraging them to ensure their own safety. Infocity took an initiative of organizing a self defense training workshop for the female employees of various IT/ITes companies like Tech Mahindra, Etech Global Services, Trellisoft Engineering Services, Odoo and many others.

Infocity believes that a woman must have her weapons in this world, whether it is their mind or their fists or their wiles. The idea behind this workshop was to make women ensure their own safety without being dependent on anybody else.

Mr.Rajkumar Mehariya, a women self defense trainer and the General Secretary of Mixed Martial Arts Federation of Gujarat was invited to take this workshop. He is a MMA Coach for Gujarat and has presented himself both nationally and internationally. He conducts such training workshops where hundreds of women are trained every month. During the course of the workshop at Infocity IT Park, he presented various techniques to tackle someone physically attacking. He showed many tricks and moves on how to defend an attacker.

During the workshop, several techniques were practiced and taught to the female employees. The main tricks of self defense like escaping a wrist grip or an uncomfortable hand grabbing from behind were demonstrated. The trainer also showed that palm of the hand, elbows, knees, legs et cetera are the body parts that can be used as weapons. Simple techniques like thumping with your feet, choking the attacker from the neck, a ringing ear slap or using a palm strike were taught and exercised by the trainer in this workshop.

“Prevention and Preparedness are the most proven self defense skills.”

Some of the facets of Self Defense mechanism help to develop :-

  1. Self Confidence
  2. Self Discipline
  3. Self Reliance
  4. Sense of physical well being
  5. Alertness and Street awareness
  6. Warrior spirit
  7. Fighter reflex
  8. Positive goal setting

Infocity will continue to encourage women to empower themselves in all endeavors of life. One takeaway from the workshop was that, “Self defense is a matter of protecting yourself or your loved ones from anyone that causes harm.”

Infocity is extremely thankful to all the strong ladies who became a part of this workshop. Their massive participation and involvement in this initiative only compels Infocity to organize more and more workshops like these in the future!

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