Infocity: Your Open Box for Business Opportunities

Are you hunting for a suitable place to set up your new IT or ITeS venture or shift your company to a more convenient location? Rather than looking all over for an office and then run around for everything from electricity to security, to lease office space in an IT Park can be an intelligent option to explore.

The IT Parks are structured to bring complementary services and features that benefit the companies which are located in its premises. Infocity, the best conceptualized IT Park in India, is one such place that has made a remarkable difference in the real estate space of Gujarat.

How does Infocity make the perfect place to set up your business?

  • Better Outsourcing Opportunity

    Infocity is one of the busiest corporate and commercial places in Gujarat. With several well-known IT and ITes companies, BPO, KPO, LPO, FPO, HPO, clinical research centers, banking, and financial services, software product engineering companies, web designing companies, and port management firms, this IT metropolis is a true business hub.

    To have your office space at Infocity will give you enough scope to enjoy great professional exposure. You will get an excellent opportunity to develop business synergies with other competent organizations within the campus and relish maximum organizational benefits. Infocity also boasts several professional outsourcing companies that can serve you with the best of expertise relevant to different in-demand technical domains. Hence, Infocity is the right location for you to book office space and take your business to another level of success.

  • Integrated Office Spaces

    The four colossal business towers of Infocity are equipped with several smart amenities in such a way that it makes the entire infrastructure perfect for any modern IT/ITes company. The office spaces have fiber network connectivity that makes high-speed, 24×7 internet accessible to the professionals.

    Infocity is integrated with this facility, along with various other essential amenities like housekeeping, security, parking, etc. Hence, it becomes very convenient for business owners to run their companies here. You don’t have to search for and engage separate service providers to get convenience for your employees and clients.

  • Affordable Business Spaces

    One of the most visible benefits of getting an office space in the Infocity is the affordability. To book an office space here is less costly than any typical commercial building or established retail space in Gandhinagar or Ahmedabad. The expense is minimized here because of the availability of dedicated infrastructure within the Infocity, including roadways, high-end communications, high-power electricity, large-volume water supplies, and high-volume gas supplies.

  • Cosmopolitan Culture

    Today’s workforce prefers an engaged workplace where they can work, live, and play, maintaining the work-life balance without any hassle. If you want to entice this generation of employees, you need to set up your office in such a location where it is not only about a smart workplace alone.

    Infocity has versatile facilities with a perfect cosmopolitan environment within the campus. There are not only enough commercial office spaces for rent; Infocity has diverse facilities that suit people’s needs too. It is the reason why Infocity has been awarded as ‘The Best Conceptualized IT Park in India.’

    Infocity is the first integrated IT Park of the country that not only allows people to work conveniently but also stay comfortably, shops lavishly, celebrate various events, spend quality time with colleagues, friends, or family, and treats their taste buds with delicious foods from different famous eatery franchises.

  • Huge Flexibility

    Infocity has been constructed with a variety of purposes in mind. This variety offers enough room for negotiation in case of lease terms and zoning requirements. In Infocity, you can easily convert a corporate space into manufacturing or retail space. However, it’s not that convenient to convert other existing commercial buildings of the city that are zoned for specific purposes only.

    Also, Infocity allows you to customize your office space as per your needs. You might want to move into a shell building, that can be built-out, modified, or substantially renovated into a custom office, Infocity provides you with all such facilities. At the most prominent IT Park of Gujarat, the unique needs of tenants have always been the crucial priorities!

  • Prominent Location

    Convenience to reach office approach is one of the crucial factor for any office location. You must make your office conveniently accessible to your employees and clients to drive them. While being located in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, Infocity provides you with this advantage to the maximum.

    Situated just in the heart of the city and close to Ahmedabad, Kalol, Nadiad, Anand, and Vadodara, Infocity smoothly drives efficient human resources from these cities. Moreover, Infocity has excellent connectivity in terms of communication with the Ahmedabad international and domestic airports located in the proximity. The Rail Network is just 30 minutes away from Infocity, and easy as well as nearby local public transportation is available too.

  • ‘Walk to Work’ Facility

    The concept of Infocity has always been to increase the convenience and quality of life. With the belief in work-life balance, Infocity has a residential complex ideally situated in the same campus between the corporate IT towers and the Infocity commercial zone. The residential complex comprises of 1, 2 & 3 bedrooms apartments and 3 & 4 bedrooms independent bungalows with ample parking space.

    Hence, your employees can reach their work effortlessly with the residential facility just a few meters away. It ensures a stress-free working culture with no travel time and peace of mind. This way, Infocity encourages the ‘Walk to Work’ concept, and it is an added advantage if you set up your business here.

Infocity – The Business Hub of Gujarat

With all the above facilities, Infocity truly deserves to be your business location. Over the years, Infocity has served many huge corporate establishments and enterprises with the best of the business environment.

The next one could be yours!