A Look at Some Career Opportunities at Infocity

The Infocity Park is definitely one of the hottest trending topics in Gujarat (and India in general), and one of the reasons for its increased popularity is the fact that its launch is sure to provide even more employment opportunities for the teeming population of eligible people in India who are suitable for (and actively seeking) work.

However, what type of people are needed there?

Take a look:

Data analysts

Data analysts work on both the administrative and technological sides of a business. As a concept, data analysis goes way beyond classification and recording. It also entails reporting and design ways to make use of data to achieve certain goals. This is why data analysts are actually useful to both the developers and administrators of a company. A proper and detailed analysis of data helps drive business efforts and ensure that excesses and wastages are cut, it also makes for effective strategy decision and ensures that everyone is able to work in synergy towards the accomplishment of certain goals.

Everyone works better if they know what they’re actually working towards and are united in that front. This is one thing that data analysts will be able to provide; a sense of direction.

Graphic artists

Graphic artists actually have a lot to do in the modeling and designing of various softwares, websites, etc. The primary job of a graphic artist is to come up with detailed and aesthetically pleasing concepts that will drive branding and other aspects of the business. Graphic artists are very active, and websites are usually not complete until they receive rendering and a few concept consultations from graphic artists as well.


The major focus of the Infocity is technological innovation and the advancement of technological endeavors in India. To wit, the job of the programmer is definitely one that is sought after a lot. Programmers are one of the major driving forces behind the technological evolution, and they are the ones who sit down, thinking up codes, and designing things like interfaces, etc.

Web developers

Our companies that will like to develop a strong online presence, web developers will definitely be the professionals to call on. These professionals are highly skilled and trained in designing and budding website from the scats. These websites are ideally supposed to be catchy and appealing. The ability to think up a concept is the role of a web designers

Business developers

There is technological and innovation side of such a company, the place of the business side is not to be neglected as well. This is why business developers will be on the ground to look at how ideas and concepts can be effectively monetized.

Management officers

Professionals in Human Resources, Business Administration, Maintenance, Customer Services, Business Analytics and other aspects of organizational management will also be able to get credible employment opportunities and companies will be looking for effective hands to spearhead their operations.

Unskilled employment

Also, thanks to the development of shopping malls and leisurely centers,  skilled and unskilled labor have employment opportunities here too.

Infocity Corporate Towers

The Infocity Corporate towers is home to variety of IT (Information Technology) and ITeS (IT enabled Services) companies, and this means employment opportunities for many aspiring professionals.