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This Summer Infocity Tremendously Expanded Bird Population through its ‘Beat the Heat’ Campaign

Warming temperatures, changing precipitation, shifting seasons, and rising sea levels are deteriorating the behavior of our feathered companions and the entire ecosystem where they belong to. According to a current statistic, more than 30% of the breeding birds present around the world are already getting extinct and are in need of intense conservation action.

It is true that the effects of climate change on birds will become more dangerous in the future unless the mankind reduces greenhouse gas emissions, provides basic necessities to birds, and protects the natural resources that birds need to adapt to change.

Infocity understands the importance of conservation of the flora and fauna around it. Hence, the best IT park in Gujarat made it a mission to do something towards conservation of bird species and saved a wide variety of birds that fly around its 150 acres of lush land, surrounded by numerous trees. For this campaign, Infocity tied up with the Sky Foundation in the month of May 2019, when summer was at its peak in the state. Sky is basically a noble purpose foundation in Gandhinagar that has been rescuing birds for years. They provide bird nests, bird feeders, earthen water pots and other facilities to nurture and increase the number of birds thriving around the city.

Infocity organized a campaign called ‘Beat the Heat’ in collaboration with this foundation to hydrate and rescue birds. It distributed 100 earthen pots to various companies that are present within the Infocity campus. The objective behind doing so was that the companies could fill the pots with water and hang them throughout the Infocity to provide water to the flying birds. The organizations like Effective Teleservices, Tech Mahindra, TrellisSoft, Odoo, VVDN Technologies actively participated in the campaign. The employees of these companies came forward with great enthusiasm and made sure that not even a single corner of Infocity was left without an earthen pot filled with water. The pictures that the professionals working in different companies clicked while participating in the campaign show how energetic they were to save beautiful birds around the campus.

After the campaign was over, the chirping of Sparrows, Cuckoos, Mynas, Laughing Doves, crows etc. increased in the Infocity campus up to a great extent. This indicates that a huge number of birds were rescued in the IT Park this summer. Infocity is satisfied and happy with the success of this campaign. One can find more birds in the Infocity campus now that  not only balances the ecosystem of the area but also enhances the aesthetic appeal too.

At the core, ‘Beat the Heat’ campaign by Infocity was able to spread across a huge awareness for bird rescuing among many individuals and corporates.  This righteous approach by the best IT Park in Gujarat proved the saying that, “Birds are indicators of the environment. If they are in trouble, we know we’ll soon be in trouble” is indeed a true one.

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