How does Infocity Provide the Best Work Environment for Millennials?

Millennials are the future, and they’re the pool from which companies strive to select the bright young minds with the latest, in-demand skills. According to the statistics of Intelligence Group, 86 million millennials around the world will be in the corporate world by 2020, representing a 40 percent chunk of the total working population. Also, millennials are already changing India’s market dynamics. A survey by ‘The New Indian Express’ reveals that 64% of the workforce in recent times belong to the age group of 20 to 30.

This group of tech-friendly, social media-savvy, fast-paced individuals has slowly taken over the workplace. Most of the organizations are seeing the need for rapid changes in their infrastructure because of the millennials’ impact. Hence, it is crucial to understand how the talented people of tomorrow want their workplace to be.

Infocity, the best conceptualized IT Park in India, strives to provide the perfect office infrastructure for millennials in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. With its four massive towers and a sufficing campus that are well-equipped with modern facilities, the companies located in the Infocity prove to be the excellent places to work for millennials.

What makes Infocity the best fit for the new generation?

  • Excellent Infrastructure: The state of the art I.T. towers of Infocity has been designed by global architects that include all the supporting needs that millennials want. No doubt, the smart offices with high-end facilities and great looks are the pursuits that entice millennials. And, interestingly, Infocity provides it all. It is not that only the I.T. towers and commercial buildings of Infocity are taken into the consideration of remarkable infrastructure, but also it covers the fundamental features of a workplace. The fantastic infrastructure of Infocity doesn’t disrupt the beauty of its greenery or disarray the shared space that is available for everyday use.
  • Safe and Secure Workplace: Millennials are highly aware, and they prefer only safe and secured corporate I.T. spaces to work. At Infocity, there’s an entirely safe 24×7 working environment. A professional and experienced security agency guards the business workspaces. There are several CCTV cameras installed at various points of the Infocity. The I.T. Park is patrolled with pro security agents. Unauthorized entry is restricted with the security check points at various locations.Moreover, millennials are energetic and appreciate any opportunity to become self-sufficient. The management of Infocity understands this fact, and apart from providing a secured work environment, it strives to make itself a safer place for the women workforce.
  • A fancy working place with smart amenities: The new generation prefers their working ambiance with an aesthetic appeal. The attractive buildings entice them, and they want to explore such places. The entire campus of Infocity is precisely a place like that. Along with four highly equipped, striking, and furnished corporate towers, Infocity has a whole shopping complex with all the smart facilities too.Moreover, it’s just not about the enhanced corporate I.T. space and commercial buildings. The clean and managed walkways as well as the lush, green surroundings that Infocity have, make it the best working place for millennials in Gujarat. Hence, at Infocity, millennials will never feel any shortage of an excellent infrastructure to spend some quality time with friends or colleagues.
  • Perfect place to dine and relax: Infocity doesn’t only provide the best office infrastructure in Gandhinagar. It is an I.T. metropolis with all the modern provisions for millennials. They don’t like to work in a stressful and monotonous work environment. At Infocity, millennials can enjoy a perfect work-life balance.There are several cafes and restaurants available within the campus to hang out with friends and eat sumptuously. The Infocity Club & Resort is another significant part of the IT Park that provides an excellent opportunity to the millennials so that they can spend good leisure and relax in the pristine and tranquil ambiance. The Club & Resort of the Infocity attracts I.T. companies located within the campus to organize various recreational activities. Hence, the millennials working in such organizations could enjoy some great extracurricular along with work.
  • A convenient location: For the new generation that wants everything to be swift and fast, the location of their workspace in a distant and inconvenient place doesn’t make sense. Hence, Infocity proves to be the best place for them.Located right in the heart of the Gandhinagar, the capital city of Gujarat, Infocity is well connected to major routes like the S.G. Highway, main city road, and airport road. A considerable section of the millennial workforce that stays in other major cities of Gujarat like Ahmedabad, Mehsana, Vadodara, Kalol, etc. can easily travel to Infocity for work. The public transport is completely accessible from Infocity that brings in immense ease.

Summing Up

A healthy work-life integration is something that today’s generation can’t manage without. At Infocity, there are all such scopes to make it happen. With an objective to provide a perfect environment where millennials can work, live, and play, Infocity strives to get even better in the coming time.

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