How is Infocity the Right Location to Flourish Your Business?

The location of any business is one of the most significant variables in determining potential success. Whether you are a small business owner or entrepreneur, it’s a priority to establish your venture in such a location that generates the most customer and employee traffic.

Gujarat, the business hub of India, is one of the leading industrialized states that serve as great business locations. According to Franchiseindia, the business sector of this state comprises of over 800 large industries and 453,339 small and medium enterprises.

If the industries are grouped, it accounts for around 82.05% of total factories, 95.85% of total fixed capital investment, 90.09% of value output, and 93.21% of value addition in the economy of Gujarat. Interestingly, Gujarat is ranked first among Indian states when it comes to the ease of doing business.

The above appealing statistics indeed indicate how business is the backbone of Gujarat. And, Infocity, the best conceptualized IT Park of India, located in the heart of Gandhinagar, plays a significant role in the rising business graph of the state. In this piece of writing, you will get to know what makes Infocity the right location to set up your business.

  • Easy Access to Millennial Talent
    It is evident that 64% of the Indian workforces are millennials, and they drive success with the four practical working milestones: Digital, Clear, Fluid, and Fast. In today’s world, a catalyst that accelerates business processes and brings a much-needed management revolution to fruition is the enthusiastic and smarter millennial generation.Who doesn’t like to have zestful millennial employees in his/her organization?

    At Infocity, you get direct access to the trending and futuristic knowledge base of the generation Y. The IT Park is located nearby several renowned educational institutes like PDPU, NICM, NIFT, etc. Hence, it easily attracts a millennial workforce from such institutions. While having your office at Infocity, you get an opportunity to leverage the higher potential of millennials to meet the business objectives and attain impressive results.

  • Smooth Connectivity
    No one prefers to bear a lot of hassle to reach their workplace every day. An office located at a distant place without good transit facility is a big NO-NO. While having your office at Infocity, you and your employees will have an opportunity to relish the benefits of easy communication.

    Infocity, Gandhinagar, is very near to other major cities of the state like Ahmedabad, Kalol, Mehsana, etc. It is one of the significant advantages of this IT Metropolis that makes it easily accessible to a vast workforce. If you have your office at Infocity, you will never fall short of productive employees as people from all the adjacent cities find it easy to reach Infocity for work.

    Moreover, there is a swift public transit network that connects Infocity to the domestic and international airport, SG Highway, and other nearby significant locations. Hence, whether it is enough workforce or other facilities and resources that you require for the growth of your business, you will get everything conveniently at Infocity.

  • Appealing Tech-Friendly Infrastructure
    The role of technology-driven good infrastructure in any modern business is incomparable. The companies strive to create long track records of capturing and analyzing requirements and specifications while using the smart technologies of this generation. Hence, to work in modern infrastructure with all the efficient amenities is crucial for them.

    If your business is one among these, Infocity is the right place to set up your office. With an advanced infrastructure comprising of the fiber internet network, tech-driven and modernized conference rooms as well as other working spaces, constant access to necessities like water, electricity, etc., Infocity provides all the required facilities to your business so that it can reach new heights.

    While having an office at Infocity’s any of the four striking business towers, you can ensure smart work at all levels and please clients and employees both.

  • Interesting ‘City inside City’ Concept
    Infocity is not just an IT Park but a comprehensive IT Metropolis. It has a cosmopolitan culture where employees can work, live, and play to maintain an excellent work-life balance. At Infocity, there are cafes, restaurants, shopping complex, etc. available along with the four business towers.

    With your office at this IT Park, you can allow your employees to relax and spend some quality time with each other. It satisfies them and, in turn, increases their productivity at work, fulfilling your business goals and increasing the revenue for your company.

  • Better Exposure to Your Business
    Infocity is a hub of numerous IT and ITes companies along with BPO, KPO, FPO, HPO, LPO, clinical research centers, banking, and financial services, software product engineering companies, and many more.

    The IT Park opens several opportunities for your company to build business synergies with other relevant ones and, finally, get benefited. There are many outsourcing companies located within the campus of Infocity. If your business often looks for some technical works to be done from outside the organization, Infocity has it all nearby.

  • 24×7 Work Culture
    Infocity boasts the highest security facilitated by a professional security agency. It has all its entry and exit points guarded by security agents 24×7 and the entire IT Park is under efficient electronic surveillance.

    There are companies located within the campus that have a working culture throughout the day and night. And the professionals working there never face any security issues due to the safe and secure environment that Infocity provides.

    If your business demands a 24×7 working environment too, booking an office space at Infocity is the smartest idea. Infocity will take care of the security of your employees who have to commute even at midnight. It will help you attract more employees, spread your business remarkably, and enjoy growth.

  • Ease of ‘Walk to Work’
    Infocity is an IT Metropolis that has a full-fledged, furnished residential complex within the campus. It comprises of 2, 3, & 4 bedroom apartments and bungalows with enough parking space. The lavish residential complex is located right in between the IT towers and the shopping complex.

    Hence, it provides an effortless opportunity to people so that they can live and work on the same campus. It can be an overwhelming advantage for your business to grow more. Imagine, your employees can walk to the workplace and don’t have to face the daily commuting hassle.

    Won’t your organization attract more efficient employees?

    It will, in turn, increase the overall productivity of your business.

  • Green and Spacious Campus
    Today’s generation doesn’t entertain a congested workspace and tends to resign if they don’t feel comfortable during the working hours. Infocity understands this fact, and thus, it ensures comfortable and spacious business towers, surrounded by lush greenery. The vast campus is quite picturesque with several roadways that connect the IT Park.

    There’s an ample amount of parking area too. Hence, the employees working in different companies located at Infocity get enough scope to unwind amid their hectic work schedules. All that you need to do is book an office space at Infocity and hence, you will be able to provide a healthy work environment for your employees. It can finally lead to a considerable number of professionals getting attracted towards your company, leading you to
    build your organization even bigger.

Don’t these above benefits make Infocity extraordinary?

Book an office space for your business in the outstanding IT Park of Gujarat now.